Coal forest

Coal forest

Perspective installation „Coal Forest“ invites us to think about the prosperity of our civilization where the Planet Earth is paying for our irresponsible actions: it suffers from heat and is suffocating from the changed chemical composition in the air. The perspective of the authors of the audiovisual experience helps to understand one‘s footprint, to evaluate the daily choices that shape it and consumer habits that waste our energy resources. „Coal forest“ speaks not only about the human relationship with nature, its fragility, and purity but also about the approaching critical point in the history of our civilization.

When viewed from the side, the visual perspective created by the artist Jolita Vaitkutė is fragmented and does not form a clear shape. Just like the footprint of carbon dioxide. When dispersed in the air, it is invisible and its importance can only be understood only by connecting all the known links. Then we can no longer ignore its trace. It is visible and huge, just like the circle of the installation when observed from the right point.

The installation, surrounded by a quiet pine forest, engages the viewer not only from the visual perspective but also with the soundtrack that was created by the performer and composer Andrius Mamontovas, simulating combustion, which reminds us of the carbon dioxide flowing into the atmosphere and the consequences of this process for our future.

„Coal forest“ was created in 2021, within the surroundings of the fragile ecosystem of the Curonian Spit, the unique piece of land protected by UNESCO. The perspective audiovisual installation was presented in the pine forest of Nida and invited the audience to consider the relationship between human progress and the destruction of nature. It also reminded us of the devastating fire in Neringa, which happened in 2006 and destroyed 236 hectares of forest.

The visitors are invited to walk around and within the „Coal Forest“ installation at the Open-air Museum of the Centre of Europe, to listen to the sounds emitted by the art piece and explore various perspectives. Perhaps it is here that one can learn something and prevent us from being indifferent, that will push us to take action and will help to reduce the human impact on the well-being of our planet.

We would like to thank our partners: 
Lead sponsors: SEB bank, Ignitis group
Media partners: 15min, Žmonės
Partners: UAB Viasolis, Open-air Museum of Center of Europe, Vilnius city municipality

  • Date 2023
  • Place Museum of the center of Europe, Lithuania
Categories: Ongoing