Coal forest

Coal forest

The installation will greet the viewer in a pine forest that is located near the Valley of Silence. The perspective installation „Coal forest“ invites the audience to think about the fragility of Neringa‘s forests and why it is important to protect them. Wildfires are devastating to the forests on the island and fire is a clear and universal symbol of destruction to the living nature. The installation urges to stop and think about any activity that is damaging to a forest. The creation draws the audience in visually and even though the viewer knows that this is a decoration, it still leaves a very clear understanding of how brittle the nature is. A megaphone attached in the middle of the installation continuously plays a cracling sound reminiscent of a wildfire. The audio aspect of the installation complements the visual form, the burnt-out space in the shape of a circle surrounded by the greenery of the pine forest warns the viewers to act responsibly.



  • Date 2021
  • Place Nida forest, Lithuania
Categories: portfolio