Revival Nestbox

Revival Nestbox

From the area near Lviv that was bombed more than a month ago, we brought the rubble of houses and fragments of Russian rockets that blew those houses up. Seeing and touching these objects is like feeling a wound that we cannot heal. The objects tell stories of just a few houses, but there are countless destroyed homes in Ukraine.
In one case, grownup children handed over the wreckage of the house of their dead parents. Five people were killed and two others were injured when the rockets landed. As they cleaned up what was left of their childhood home, they told us about each item. A great-grandmother’s watch, cot, doorpost with the key still in the lock, back of the owner’s bed, part of the carpet, and remains of doors and windows. All there.

We used the wreckage to make birdboxes for nesting. Now these objects, marked by severe pain, will once again be a home and a shelter for someone. Even the things that are irreparably destroyed can act as symbols of freedom, inspire hope, and call for rebirth.

These birdboxes are small monuments to the unimaginable strength of Ukrainians. They’re graves, cradles of new life, and memorials at the same time. The birds that will eventually inhabit them will remind us that we must help the country to be truly reborn. After Ukraine wins, it will need resources to rebuild itself. All seven nesting boxes will be put up for virtual auction. The money raised will go to the “Stiprūs Kartu” (“Strong Together”) account to support children who have lost their parents in this war.
Jolita Vaitkute and Aurimas Kadzevicius,
Authors of the project
PHOTO – VIDEO / Marius Linauskas Mako, Emilija Vinzanovaite, Kernius Pauliukonis
SOUND / Zygimantas Gudelis GON
FABRICATION / Aleksandras Stacevicius “Meny kalve”


  • Date 2023
  • Place Mo Museum
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