(Not)Eternal values

(Not)Eternal values

(Not)Eternal values

The waste we create is durable and lives a longer life than us. 

Often, we use things in our lives for a very short time, and this waste exists almost forever. It was valuable for a very short time but became a pile of rubbish afterward. 

Landfill soil is a new material that was created by our society. It’s soil mixed with microplastics, and we have no tools to clean it out to its previous state. 

The human skull is an eternity and revival symbol also the most important and recognizable thing for humans themselves. Future scientists will find the layer of mixed plastics and soil and identify our society by it. We will be the generation who changed the planet. 

By creating this art piece, I used to waste it, which I consumed by myself. Every day I saw the increasing pile of rubbish in my studio and took it with an act of consciousness. I understand that every move, even the creative one, increases waste, and we should be aware of it every time. 





  • Date 2023
  • Place Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania
Categories: portfolio