It’s calling

It’s calling

Installation exhibited National Gallery of Art
Creative partnership with musician Andrius Mamontovas
Project organised by BTA draudimas Lietuva
Video/Montage Emilija Vinzanovaite
The predecessor of the modern telephone is a stimulus from the past, which at that time was the most pronounced means of intervention into personal space. We can treat the strident sound of a phone call, which captures the entire attention of the addressee, as a symbolic precursor to the information-caused stress that has plagued modern society. But it’s not a phone that is the source of our stress. Things don’t contain anxiety or sadness in themselves. Stress is our reaction to the environment.
Symbolic stimuli have turned into a source of harmony in this environment. The structure of the Japanese garden in the installation has taken on a different shape. The “stones” arranged in the shape of a riverbed pulsate in meditative tones and send harmonious waves. The authors suggest that we should look at the stimuli and stressful objects around us from a point of peace.

Photos by Tautvydas Stukas

  • Date 2020
  • Place National Gallery of Art Lithuania
Categories: portfolio