#foodporn project II

#foodporn project II

Personal project for a #foodporn solo exhibition

A few years ago, I started my project named #foodporn by a famous hashtag on social media. Foodporn itself is an old term to define tasty and good-looking food, which you can’t taste because it’s only photography or a video on the screen. I was encouraged to make it into series with my prior art subject – human.

I started by taking selfies in front of a mirror but received many selfies from strangers when I posted this on social media. #foodporn became a project, safely talking about the body and all the people behind vegetables is real. Some people behind are my close friends, and they posed for me.

I like to remember it’s nothing about nudity. It’s only carrots and beetroots.


red cabbage/cucumber/zucchini/carrot/butter pumpkin/paprika/fennel/white radish/beetroot

  • Date 2019
Categories: portfolio