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Soft Weapon
Special exhibition for The National Museum of Lithuania Soft but dangerous. This installation is another reminder that women who fought...
Mountains are great
Client work for DFDS Art and art direction Jolita Vaitkute Photography Migle Kartanaite Design Fabula agency
War museum
Anamorphic object installation celebrating 100 years of Vytautas the Great War Museum opening Portrait of General Vladas Nagevicius Photos Emilija...
Autumn leaves
Personal project
Coal forest
    The installation will greet the viewer in a pine forest that is located near the Valley of Silence....
Flower mask
Flower mask for a spring campaign 2020 Photography Paulius Zaborskis
Awaken from books
Installation from books for Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania Installation was build for a library interior only using old...
#foodporn project II
Personal project for a #foodporn solo exhibition A few years ago, I started my project named #foodporn by a famous...
invitation to Ronaldo
Social Campaign for a Ronaldo visit to Vilnius Photography Paulius Zaborskis
Coffee foam
Work for a client Circle K Campaign for an extraordinary coffee foam 2020 outdoor/social I did a job from an...
Anamorphic object installation on the trade hall Photo taken by Emilija Vinžanovaitė
It’s calling
Installation exhibited National Gallery of Art Creative partnership with musician Andrius Mamontovas Project organised by BTA draudimas Lietuva Video/Montage Emilija...
George Washington
George Washington for Rev commercial
Social responsibly campaign against palm oil use Photos by Nerijus Kuzmickas
I made my fingerprint by using approximately 60 kg of food, the average amount for a waste a year per...
Clemens piano
Cover for a German pianist Clemens Christian Poetzsch
Old accordions
I made a portrait of the accordionist Martynas Levickis from real accordions and their parts. An accordion has about twenty...
Lithuania’s soil
A Series of works was made to celebrate the deeper meaning of soil. I recreate important history photos by painting...
Personal project while exploring object destruction.
Two-point composition
The focus is on spatial change and innovation. The main goal of this installation was to provide aesthetic satisfaction and...
#foodporn project I
Personal series of food art for a solo exhibition A few years ago, I started my project named #foodporn by...
KUNAI book
Cover for a book Kunai written by A.Kavaliauskaite Photography Paulius Zaborskis Design Balto publishing house